Announcers Guild:

The City of Refuge Announcer’s Guild enables reconciliation through informative and communication to our congregation. We deliver church announcements with enthusiasm and excitement. We demonstrate these principles through excellent oratory and presentation skills, professional appearance, and an appropriate use of individual personalities.

Extended We Care:

The objective of the Extended We Care Ministry’s (EWCM) is to serve the sick and shut-in whether hospitalized, home-bound, or imprisoned. EWCM offers visitation, communion, and prayer to City of Refuge members and their family members.

Ministerial Alliance (CORMA):

The Ministerial Alliance’s purpose is to edify the ministerial team at the City of Refuge that have a divine calling upon their lives, a committment to ministry, and a dedidication to the ethical practices of Christian discipleship.

Noel Jones Scholarship Committee:

The Noel Jones Scholarship Commission promotes higher education by identifying individuals whom would benefit from receiving scholarships. We provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of a college degree.

Usher Board:

The purpose of the Usher Ministry is to maintain order, minimize or eliminate distractions, meet, greet & seat parishioners, and provide support and assistance to the pastor as well as other ministerial auxiliaries.

The S.O.C.I.A.L. (Youth):

The S.O.C.I.A.L. Youth Ministry serves middle and high school youth. Our mission is to raise up the next generation to be 100% Sold On Christ, making their walk with God, not just a Sunday thing, but a Lifestyle, saving souls along the way.

Worship Arts:

The Music & Arts Ministry team sets an atmosphere for the move of God’s Spirit through song, dance, and the arts. It comprised of our worship teams, choirs, and dance group —all of which are responsible for leading the congregation in thanksgiving, praise and worship.


We are a ministry that serves the population, ages 55 and above,We seek to engage seniors in finding meaningful purpose and fellowship. Our vision is to see seasoned saints express thier love and support for the Body of Christ through social and spiritual activities.

Wings of Healing:

The Wings of Healing Drug and Alcohol Faith-Based Program is designed to impact the whole person (co/dependent) spiritually, socially, clinically, psychologically and economically while bringing about healing and deliverance with Holistic intervention and treatment approaches through Jesus Christ to God. Our ministry highlights consist of Education, Prevention, Intervention, Counseling, Treatment of Compulsive Addictive Behaviors and Substance Abuse. Also, Distribution of resource and referral material resulting in predictable sober outcomes.


Bridges the unreconciled soul back to Jesus Christ through baptism. The Baptism ministry team is dedicated to rendering a spiritual atmosphere for COR members, and the community, to solidify godly love toward all who seek to be baptized.

Medical Response:

The Medical Response team shares the love of Christ while promoting respect, dignity, compassion and professionalism to COR members and the community in the areas of health education, screenings, counseling and community resources.

Deaf Ministry:

The City of Refuge Deaf Ministry provides spiritual support and service to the deaf and hard-of-hearing through interpretation of worship services and training for persons interested in communicating with the deaf community through American Sign Language (ASL).


The COR Men’s Department is designed to empower men as men. For men to receive revelation as to the purpose of men, individually and collectively, according to the Word of God, in order to better serve God and family.

New Members Ministry:

We embrace individuals and families by providing instruction and support, encouraging spiritual growth, to assure they are well connected to the life of the church as they transition into their new church family.

The Street Team:

The Street Team goes out into the community every 2nd Saturday of the month, witnessing to the lost, as well as providing the community with referrals to other COR Outreach Ministries. We provide monthly distribution of Evangelistic materials (tracts, post cards inviting people to be our guests to our services.

NuWine (Young Adults):

Nu Wine (Young Adults) Is geared to young adults between the ages of 18-39. Our chief objective is making disciples in community. In efforts to equip, edify and commission others to make disciples.

Women’s Ministry:

The City of Refuge Women’s Ministry is commited to developing an environment that is uniquely tailored to the essence of women through discipleship, support and mentorship. Our vision is to see women transformed from the inside out through edification, encouragement and education.

Prayer Ministry:

The Corporate Prayer Ministry of the City of Refuge (COR) is a ministry that is called to faithfully embody and express a heart for prayer worship and praise: and positioned to encourage, empower, and equip individuals within our community to faithfully seek the face of God, our Father.


The Hospitality team is a ministry of love; strategically placing people in various “high volume” areas of the church to serve others. Its purpose is to provide direction, share pertinent information of commonly asked questions and assist members and visitors with special needs.

Altar Workers:

The Atar Workers Ministry facilitates encounters where congregants can be reconciled to Christ. Altar workers assist in sustaining order, praying with people as they encounter God’s presence and providing them with opportunities to repent, be baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Children’s Ministry:

The Children’s ministry serves as the most critical and fertile soil in which the seeds for divine destiny are planted. This ministry is the garden of tomorrow’s harvest.

Walking Club:

Cultivates an environment of inclusion where people feel welcomed and want to engage in physical exercise, participate in local events for charity and introduce activities—like fitness and nutrition—that will support COR members in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.